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Nenzel Range Garden
The concept of the Nenzel Range Garden project is to offer an opportunity for the public to experience the plants of the Sandhills of northern Nebraska in a walk-through setting. The garden is located South of the Nenzel Community Building and borders the Cowboy Trail. lt will serve to educate everyone from school children to passersby about the many plants of the area. The walk path and brochures guide the visitor through the garden pointing out particular plants found in the various planting areas along the path. The plants in these areas are a variety of native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees from the Sandhills region. There are four separate plots along the garden path, each representing a different planting theme.

One plot exhibits mainly the wildflowers found in the region. Another is called the "grazing hub" and exhibits some of the many grasses which are native to the area. Another plot iricludes plants which were used for medicinal or various cultural purposes. The final plot is by the picnic area and features other types of wildflowers.

The development and maintenance of the garden is an ongoing process. Future plans include tables for the picnic area.the addition of a wetland plot, and a shade shelter along the path. Funds for the garden were provided by a Community Enhancement Grant. The Village of Nenzel also received a donation of funds from the Sandhills Task Force which was used to purchase plant ID markers and to develop a brochure.

Labor was provided by many community members including the Cody-Kilgore FFA, Sandhills Area Heritage Society, Amy Lehman, and many other community individuals.


This plant is native to the Sandhills of Nebraska. It is usually known as a "yucca" plant. In seed catalogs it is known as "candles of the lord". In scientific classifications it is a member of the lily family. It is called "soapweed" because the Indians use the 'plant fat' in the roots to make soap.

Yucca Plant

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